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Periodontal Services:

These services are performed by our qualified and very knowledgeable hygienists.  They are sometimes the first person you will have treat your teeth when you come to the dental office.  The services they provide are:


New Patient Exams/ 5 Year Chart Updates:

This includes very detailed charting of your mouth and teeth.  Which includes an intra oral exam, extra oral exam of head and neck, and an oral cancer screening, your tooth health, and your periodontal (Gum) health including a full mouth probe. At the New patient exam we will also include all services included in the recall cleaning.


Recall Cleanings:

When you see the hygienist and have you’re the tarter that builds up on your teeth removed.  It includes an exam from the dentist, scaling of the teeth, polishing the teeth and dental x-rays if needed.


Periodontal Cleanings:

Some patient’s benefits from having their teeth cleaned more frequently, due to increased buildup of tarter on their teeth.


*More people will lose their teeth from periodontal (gum) disease then from decay.*



General Dentistry:


In our office we start seeing patients as young as three when they come in for their first visit with a parent, we continue care right through till they become an adult. Our general dentistry includes:


Restorative Dentistry:

Once you get a cavity from decay we place fillings in your teeth where the tooth decay has been removed.



Removing a tooth from the mouth due to decay, badly broken or for orthodontic reasons.


Root Canal Therapy:

When a tooth has become infected due to decay and the decay has reached the nerve of the tooth the only way of fixing the tooth is to do a root canal on it.  A root canal is when we remove the nerve/blood supply to the tooth and place a plastic material in the canals so that you are able to keep the tooth in your mouth.


Sports Guards:

Our office makes custom fit sports guards for you to wear to protect your teeth from trauma, and breakage.


Periodontal Appliances:

If you are experiencing jaw pain from clenching or grinding your teeth, we make a night guard to wear at night to protect your teeth and relieve the pressure on you jaw joint.


If you are missing a lot of teeth in your mouth, and are not able to chew your food as effectively, one option for replacing the missing teeth are a denture. 

Cosmetic Dentistry:


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